<strong>Andreea Popescu</strong>
Andreea PopescuUsability/UX Specialist
With a complex experience in understanding the user navigation on Web area, especially on e-commerce Websites/applications, from testing to usability and UX, Andreea is passionate about neuroscience, research, human-computer interaction, anthropology and public speaking. Behind all user research, she thinks that it’s very important to keep in mind when you develop a usability theory the brain and its behaviour and, of course, the anthropological studies regarding the other influences for a user.
<strong>Crista Oiegaș</strong>
Crista OiegașUsability/Testing Specialist
Crista has a fairly good experience in testing and is now focusing on usability and UX. She is passionate about cultural anthropology, design and human-computer interaction altogether. When designing something, Crista thinks it is very important to to study the user’s behaviour and to take into consideration the user’s culture and the influences it has on their perception.