usability audit

Usability/UX audits

In every website or app, usability is an important factor to succeed. If the users can’t find it on your website, they might leave. The best way to determine how usable your website is, is by doing an usability audit. We analyse your application through fresh eyes, like your users will. An audit will compare your application against usability practices and will show you what’s working and what’s not and most important, we will focus on the why. This will help you determine where and why are there problems that cause users to have difficulty completing their tasks.

usability research

User research

We focus on understanding user behaviours, needs, motivations, goals, frustrations and mental models through various methods. It will help us ask questions and find answers in order to prove or disprove assumptions. This way we’ll help you find commonalities across your target audience members. Research is done with the end-users in mind and the result is finding who that persons are, in what context will they use the product or service and what will they need in order to gain something from you.

workshops and trainings

Workshops and trainings

Usability increases benefits for both the user and the provider. We’ll help you and your team understand key fundamental elements of usability and UX, in order to conduct your own user-centered analysis. We’ll cover step-by-step instructions on how to conduct your own usability studies. You will learn when and how to measure usability and how to use metrics in order to compare different designs. We’ll provide you with techniques to help you design in accordance with the user’s needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles.

usability support

Usability testing

If you’re wondering if your product is usable, easy to learn, efficient to use, easy to remember, we can provide answers for you. We evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users and collect qualitative and quantitative data. We identify the target audience and try to understand how real users experience your product. Our goal is to identify usability problems and make sure that your users are able to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently and gain confidence and trust the product.

accessibility testing

Accessibility testing

Since the Web is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of life like education, health care, commerce and more, it is essential that the Web be accessible. This way it will provide equal access and opportunities for people with disabilities. Accessibility and usability are closely related, because their goals overlap, to make the product usable for the users. All users should perceive, understand, navigate and interact with your product in the same way, without barriers. Accessibility does focus on people with disabilities but it also improves usability for everyone.


Designing personas

A persona is a reliable and realistic representation of your key audience. We use them as reference, focus on their needs and expectations in order to give your a clear picture of how it will feel for them to use your product. Personas help you focus on decisions from which users benefit. We conduct user research and use analytics to create realistic personas that reflect patterns. We’ll help you ensure future success and find obstacles that are hindering it.

Usability of your website is our responsability

A facile, pleasant and adapted navigation to the user's needs are the ways you can keep your users happy.
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