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Some frequent usability mistakes we’ve encountered on websites

By | November 17th, 2016|Users & Research|

Each of us goes on various websites almost each day, either for entertainment or for various needs. In many cases, however, some of us face various obstacles and problems on websites, and these might render our experience unpleasant or difficult, due to usability-related aspects of the websites and their functionality. In the following list, several of [...]

Readability and legibility on the web

By | November 10th, 2016|Users & Research|

Readability and legibility may seem to be the same thing or may seem interchangeable, but they refer to different, still connected, functions of type each with its own strength in communication. One captures our attention and sends us the message and the other is related to how easy is it for us to read the information. [...]

Localisation: Basic facts

By | November 2nd, 2016|Culture, Localisation, Users & Research|

Localisation means making the necessary design changes so that products are culturally and technically suited for the target culture. Internationalised software is adapted for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text. Let's take J.K Rowling's character for example. Many people know him as "You know who", right? Well no, in Germany [...]

Usability, understand the user’s needs

By | October 28th, 2016|Users & Research|

In the last years, the software products market exploded and once with it determined the companies to create specialised user experience (especially, usability) testing departments or to request this type of testing (via other companies specialised on outsourcing) to ensure that their software products provide a positive experience of navigation to user. By the book, this [...]