Usability/UX audits

An usability audit reveals if your product is easy to use by users.
An audit will compare your application against usability practices and will show you what’s working and what’s not.

User research

We will find the user's needs and their navigation behaviour.
Research is helping us ask questions and find answers and commonalities in order to prove or disprove assumptions.

Workshops and trainings

Understand what usability is and why it's so important to software products.
We’ll provide you with techniques to help you design in accordance with the user’s needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles.

Usability testing

We evaluate your product by testing it with representative users.
Usability tests will reveal if users are able to complete tasks and if they are satisfied with your product.

Accessibility testing

We take all your users into consideration, helping them to easily navigate on Web.
All users should perceive, understand, navigate and interact with your product in the same way, without barriers.

Designing personas

Personas will provide a better testing, because we will focus on user groups.
Persona is a reliable and realistic representation of your key audience help you focus on decisions from which users benefit.


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We are the Usability team from Evozon’s testing department. Evozon is a software and consulting services agency that has business analysis, project management and customer relations in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and London, United Kingdom.
Usability is in our digital DNA and it’s our main goal and mission to make sure that your product is easy to use and generates revenue. With a strong experience in testing, analysing and research, we are here to add value to your project. This is a brief summary of the services we are offering.

  • Audits and recommendation for your Web products;
  • Research about your users and their needs;
  • Trainings and workshops for teams.